Adding Value by Managing a Capital Raise Process Alongside a Sale Mandate



OmniForce LLC (the “Company”) is a leading producer of high-yielding athletic fundraising events around the world. The Company provides an impressive list of international clients with a turnkey solution for delivering unique blockbuster fundraising and athletic events.


FocalPoint was originally engaged to help OmniForce find a financial partner and identified Bregal Partners through that process. During the end of the sale process, Bregal Partners identified their first add-on acquisition and FocalPoint worked within a thirty-day timeframe to prepare detailed pro-forma models and marketing materials and approached its best lender relationships to effectuate simultaneous transactions. Ultimately, Omniforce raised debt financing from US Bank to fund the acquisition of Surf City USA.


The acquisition of SurfCity was consummated in the midst of a recapitalization of OmniForce and required an expedited timeline.


FocalPoint identified the Surf City USA Marathon as an investment opportunity through which OmniForce, LLC could add strategic marketing expertise and enhance the event experience for runners of California’s largest oceanfront marathon. In order to effect the transaction, FocalPoint highlighted OmniForce’s expertise in advanced technology and social media as key drivers in bringing more sponsors to help elevate Surf City Marathon’s status among the country’s premier events. FocalPoint’s expertise in both M&A and debt capital markets transactions allowed for OmniForce and Bregal to execute seamless, simultaneous processes.

Omniforce has raised debt financing from US Bank to fund the acquisition of Surf City USA

FocalPoint arranged financing on behalf of OmniForce


“We’re absolutely thrilled to join forces with The Surf City USA Marathon. As an industry leader in large-scale athletic events, OmniForce will add significant value to this fantastic marathon through strategic marketing efforts including social media. We’ll leverage the most advanced technology to help enhance the event experience and with our network of sponsors, we’ll introduce new relationships and bring on more sponsors to help elevate the marathon’s status among the country’s premier events.”

Brian Pendleton
President & CEO of OmniForce, LLC