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The FocalPoint Value
Deep Industry Expertise

Dedicated sector groups focus intensely on specific industries to understand key dynamics, identify most relevant counter-parties, and maximize valuations

Bulge Bracket Execution High Touch Service

Comprehensive, sophisticated investment banking capabilities led by senior Wall Street professionals with decades of large deal experience

Global Reach

Strong relationships and consistent touchpoints with strategic buyers and sellers around the world

Relentless Client Advocates

Relationship-driven, senior-led teams take control, providing high-touch support and tactical advice to ensure favorable transaction outcomes

Creative Positioning Approach

Informed and agile strategic planning that capitalizes on key diferentiators to secure client advantages


The team at FocalPoint is guided by a set of values that truly set the organization apart. Strategic focus and a strong culture allow us to create a compelling mix of unparalleled service quality, deep commitment to the best interests of our clients, and an entrepreneurial spirit that aligns us with the talented and highly-productive individuals and institutions that we serve.

Moments of Impact

Skill, integrity and professionalism are the cornerstones of FocalPoint’s dealmaking philosophy. We understand that each transaction can have life-changing impacts on business owners, their families, and stakeholders. We are committed to providing clients with candid, objective advice that serves their best interests, not ours. We pursue client objectives with tenacity and relentlessness.

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Evolution from Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we connect deeply with the clients we serve, allowing us to approach deals with the perspective and tenacity needed to position for success. Our relentless drive to identify opportunities and grow at a global scale, coupled with a reputation for quality work, makes FocalPoint the ideal investment bank for businesses ready to impact the future.

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Ability and Agility

We move quickly and with purpose, focused intently on streamlining the transactional process while maintaining operational precision at all stages. Our experience in both the healthy and distressed markets has allowed us to confidently thrive in complexity, executing various deal types with confidence and precision, while also establishing ourselves as leading advisors to superstar companies looking to capitalize on their momentum.

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Corporate Responsibility

FocalPoint is committed to growing and strengthening communities.